Epic Rap Battles of History: Renaissance Artists vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Enjoy this now, before TMNT get ruined by Michael Bay.


Things To Remember For USA Vs. Belgium World Cup Game

    Dear Team USA, Belgium is a pretty great country. After all, they did give us waffles,


Locked Up Safe


Giant Hand Set

Simply plug the cord into your phone, and stick you hand into the giant hand glove thing, and start talking using your giant pinky as your microphone and your giant thumb as the ear piece. Want one, go HERE!


Classic Zupworthy Picks For 6.12.14

      Plucked from our email archives, here are some classic Zupworthy picks.


Mirror Surfboard

This awesome surfboard-shaped mirror has three storage shelves on the back for storing your surf wax and suntan